The building holds the new administrative headquarters of the "Federation International de Gymnastique" (FIG).
The ground floor accommodates a reception area, a conference room, translation booths and a cafeteria. Above sits three administrative floors and an attic designed specifically for seminar and conference usage. A semi-buried car park and a basement, dedicated to technical installations and archives, serves to the five floors above the ground. Approximately 2.300 m2 of net administrative area are thus distributed on four level of 500 m2 each and an attic of 300 m2. 
A core nucleus dedicated to services is located on the north façade, in connection with the location of the entrance. Its slightly offset position optimizes the programming of the surfaces. Moreover, the supporting system composed of pre-stressed concrete slabs, allows the floor to be free from intermediate bearing structures. The attic’s supporting system is composed of a metallic framework, thus is lighter. The roofing is devoid of typical building installations meeting Minergie requirements. 

Photo credits: Thomas Jantscher
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2016
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