Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2015
Expo Centre is a large multipurpose facility with the capacity to host cultural events and entertainment. It is situated at the western end of the Expo area, on one of the site’s four compass points, off which leads the long Decumano avenue through Expo. Like Pavilion 0, for its form the construction uses schematised contours to reproduce a piece of the earth’s topsoil. Seven cones, inspired by the landscape of the Euganei Hills, stand in succession to define interiors reminiscent of natural caves.The rectangular plan occupies 7,870 sqm, with heights varying according to each cone, 31.6 m for the main cone, 18 for the lowest.Designed as a temporary structure, the Pavilion was built with natural, economical materials and with collapsible, recyclable structures. The skeleton frame is in steel while the whole building is clad in natural fir pine board.
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