In designing the ENEL Pavilion for Expo 2015, the concept of “energy sharing” become an architectural theme, with the creation of a virtual volume: a place, generated by a grid onto which 650 polycarbonate vectors are grafted, they express the innovation of the smart grid.
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Designer: PIUARCH
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2015
The pavilion occupies an area of 900 sqm, overlooking the Decumano. The initial matrix of the project is the intelligent network that ENEL created to power the EXPO site; grafted onto the network are vectors that represent the system’s nerve endings, the vectors create a virtual forest, illuminated by a series of LED lights. 
Enel Pavilion offers an experiential path, the visit is immersive and proposes a playful aspect that allows the visitor to penetrate freely into the “forest” and to interact with the vectors through unexpected situations of light and sound. 

Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna
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