The Ecoforum’s general layout conceptually overcomes common practice in urban design, often oriented towards programming compartmented and self-referential zones, by designing the termination of the existing productive district.
The Ecoforum is meant to be a flow connector; a system in place of a single building. A challenge of how landscape can shape a program and enhance “sense of place”. The firm was interested in the opportunity to work on building a relational system, a place to develop and improve exchange and interpersonal dynamics. A landscape that fits into a context that changes according to the scale of perception: from the distance, with it’s clearly defined profile, it appears as an urban landmark, while, at a lower scale, it tends to blend into the context reflecting the images and profiles of the local mountains and smaller buildings and, finally, entering the new square, the environment becomes intimate, recognizable and familiar. The main building has a diversified depth, which makes possible the subdivision of each floor up to 5 different independent units.  
The use of a “double skin” passive technology allows to design a fully glazed low Energy consumption environment with an optimized use of daylight, while an electronically controlled dynamic system allows a controlled ventilation of the air layer. Colour or, rather, the perception of colour, is a strong element of dialogue between the Ecoforum and the landscape. 
They, where interested in the valorisation of the landscape working on the difference in repetition, on how, through slight variations, you can create a complex system. Behind the outer skin the windows were treated with different colours, a sophisticated chromatic project behind the same glass veil able to generate a sort of perceptual vibration, as occurs in nature. 

Photo credits: De8 architetti
Countries: ITALY
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2009
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