The operation for the new headquarters of CNA is defined with distinct and significant design characteristics. The pre-existing building, on seven floors, is located in a highly densely populated area of settlement, with constructions which stand on the lots with single building developments.
Open Project dedicates itself to a theoretical and architectural analysis of the building itself, its urban context, its environmental characterisation and the operational methods of contemporary architecture within historical contexts. 
The architectural characteristics determine a linear construction, which accepts the structure of the lot without disrupting its shape, but is concerned with setting out a new relationship between full and empty spaces, in a correlation between transparent and opaque surfaces.  
The photovoltaic panels integrated into the roofing transform the ecological need into a normal working factor, a necessary and integrated component of the design aiming for a qualitative representation. And in the same way, the insulation and thermal insulation needs are part of the design as are the systems and service facilities. 
The architecture of the new CNA headquarters in Rome, which introduces wide-ranging solutions, allows the convergence of innovative values into the urban landscape, working on the analytical data in order to develop solutions for the transformation of the construction and urban fabric, in which the “visibility” combines with rationality, in a complex historical outlook. 

Photo credits: Open Project
Countries: ITALY
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2013
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