Adjacent to a vineyard in the city centre of Stuttgart, the new administration building of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce has been completed in 2014.
The urban context in the immediate vicinity of the central station, as well as the sloping topography of the adjacent vineyard define the starting point for this project.  
Their design concept tries to integrate both aspects, so that the new administration building is perceptible as an important architectural contribution and at the same time the uniqueness of the vineyard can still be experienced. 
The space allocation programmes including training rooms, event spaces, and an administrative and service centre. On the ground floor the visitors can immediately find a large function room which can be enlarged to the foyer. Borrowed lights are illuminating this arrival area and most public space of the building. 
A large single flight of stairs leads to the first floor, which houses two amply conference rooms and several seminar rooms. On the upper floors the examination rooms and the more private office spaces are located. Each floor offers unique views to the vineyard and the city centre of Stuttgart. 

Photo credits: Brigida González , Markus Guhl
Countries: GERMANY
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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