Cities: ROMA
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
stARTT is the common name under which Simone Capra (1978), Claudio Castaldo (1978), Francesco Colangeli (1982) and Dario Scaravelli (1981) have been working together since 2008. 
stARTT is the acronym of office for architecture and territorial transformations, the choice of the name indicates a precise posture in the profession and architectural research that identifies the project as part of a larger complex territory in which people, landscapes, cultures and economy interact. stARTT’s attitude is to work in the anthropized environment at several levels of intervention and at different degrees of complexity. 
stARTT has received several awards and mentions including the European Architecture Award for Under 35, YAP MAXXI 2011; in 2012 it is invited to represent Italy at the international meeting La jeune architecture européenne in Paris at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal; in February 2013 was inaugurated the exhibition FUTURE: Architecture e(s)t Paysage_stARTT on the office’s projects at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. 
In December 2013, stARTT was selected for Small Utopias, the exhibition promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of Italian architecture abroad. In 2014, stARTT presented its works at Fundamentals, the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, in the sections Monditalia at the Ex Corderie dell’Arsenale and at Padiglione Italia.
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