Massimo Pica Ciamarra- Luciana de Rosa- Claudio De Martino- Paola Gargiulo- Patrizia Bottaro- Emanuele Pica Ciamarra- Roberto Toniolo
Cities: NAPOLI
Countries: ITALIA
After the studies on the “open form” (Officine Angus – IN/Arch-Campania prize 1969 – and the Casa at Posillipo (1967), the multi-purpose unit at Arcavacata, University of Calabria (1972) is the first work of international echo, included by A.Shimmerling and A.Tzonis among the ones that give evidence to the evolution of the theses of Team X (l’Heritage des C.I.A.M. 1958-1988 – CCI Centre G.Pompidou). Le carré bleu, feuille internationale d’architecture is their relation to those ideas and principles through a number of architectural competitions among which (1964) ”Un seme per la metropoli” 2° prize: Bologna, designing the new primary school; (1968) “Kronos” 1°prize: Faculties of Sciences and Pharmacology at the University of Messina.