Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Isacco Brioschi Architects is a studio composed by a team of dynamic professionals careful to innovations but also aware of the importance of the cultural heritage of tradition. Together with the architectural design projects – ranging from offices, flagship stores, to houses or buildings – the architect Isacco Brioschi has created a laboratory that is dedicated to the study of experimental projects and artistic interventions. 
His research focuses primarily on the understanding of living spaces, looking for a blend between green (organic skin) and the aesthetics of everyday life. Using organic materials it is possible to create spaces with a very high sensorial impact, which leads to the most know green building. 
Decontextualizing green elements, rearranged in a domestic context, through the use of technology and thanks to a thorough research of the living spaces, has the aim of finding a merging point between organic and daily aesthestics. 
The goal and mission of Isacco Brioschi is that of looking for a new organic substance, with its multiple shapes and relations, able to adapt to every context and to every taste.