Countries: ITALIA
Venetian architect, has been teaching and research at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice IUAV, where he is Professor of Urban Design.Is teacher at the International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design, ILAUD Giancarlo De Carlo. He holds design courses, seminars and conferences in various universities in Europe and America. It ‘a Visiting Professor at the University of Miami in Coral Gables and professor of Architectural Composition at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara.
Explores the complexity of the project on urban themes and different scales drafting plans and urban projects for various Italian cities, including the Plan of Assisi, the Urban Center of Trieste, the Masterplan of Addis Ababa and the Maltese Islands. General Plan of Porto Vecchio in Trieste, the water front of Riva del Garda and the new Territorial Plan of the Community of Alto Garda Trentino. In architectural design explores the complex relationships with the places in different contexts. Draw up more than a hundred projects from 1980 onwards.