Green Life : designing sustainable cities

Green Life is a Triennale di Milano’s  project which investigate strategies which have been used to create a different point of view on ecosustainable urbanization in cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Freiburg, Stockholm, etc. The event is aimed to a specialized audience but because the main topic is cities’ future it’s opened to a biggest public.  The exposition will be 1500mq extended and there will be several meetings about sustainable design. The setting has been organized in 3 sections which elaborate best innovative and ecosustainable cities’ decisions; buildings’ components used to reach a high level of energy and comfort efficiency and the best example of buildings who could show these innovative choices. The entire exposition has been built with ecological materials and solutions which reveal the real possibility to change architectural design according to new political choices. “Costruire città sostenibili” till 28th march 2010. Official website