A Zaha Hadid exhibition in Paris

Models, pictures, prototypes, sculptures, set-ups, paintings, movies, projections, interior design objects, specimen for the fashion world: today, the 29 of April 2011 is the opening day in Paris of the global exposition of Zaha Hadid’s works which reaches out to every field explored and studied by the famous archistar during her carrier. The list written here is just a small portion of what is presented to the visitors, just to think that the exhibit begins from the building it’s hosted in: the Mobile Art Pavilion designed by Zaha Hadid for Hong Kong in 2008. The temporary pavillion, later moved to Tokyo and then to New York City was donated by Channel Mobile Art to the well known parisian foundation of l’Institut de Monde Arabe where, starting in 2011, relevant architecture enriches the open space nearby Jean Nouvel’s building. In order to pursue the realization of a series of events bound to talents from the arabic world, the association overlooking the Seine asked Zaha Hadid for collaboration to recall key elements of Middle-east culture: “Our architecture is intuitive, radical, international and dynamic. We are interested in the construction of buildings which can recall original experiences, similar to when crossing a new country.” New shapes, undefined, complex and seducing which kickstart from the light body of the Mobile Art Pavillion and recall the ancient mesopotamic civilization. Zaha Hadid inside Zaha Hadid. The work of the iraqi architect reaches out to all the levels of the exhibit, from the outside shell to what’s inside it, from the dispostion and the organization to eh objecs themselves. Structures and buildings not constructed, chairs, lamps, products: “Zaha Hadid, une architecture” is a global review of the popular archistar and also of the history and traditions of the arabic world. Rue des Fossés – St Bernard, Parigi