UNStudio’s design for the World Horticultural Expo 2014 Theme Pavilion consists of the Main Expo Hall, a Performance Hall, Conference Centre, and a Media Centre. The design focuses on the relationship between Science and Nature.
Countries: CHINA
Designer: UNSTUDIO
Inaugurazione: 2014
Whilst scientic achievement serves as an inspiration, the design communicates the essential generative and structural principles of nature through architectural gesture. The buildings become gently absorbed in the landscape, whilst maintaining their individual identities. 
The architecture of the Theme Pavilion further responds to the dominant skyline of the mountains surrounding the Masterplan by means of carefully composed roofscapes on the individual buildings. 
These roofs are envisioned as elevated landscaped plateaus, each addressing a dierent portion of the Masterplan with its inclination and terracing, providing panoramic views which extend far into the surrounding landscape. 

Photo credits: Edmon Leong
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