The project has been thought as a new geography to the interior of the elongated Aburrá Valley, midway between Cerro Nutibara and Cerro El Volador.
Countries: COLOMBIA
Inaugurazione: 2009
It is a building that seems to be another mountain in the city; from the remote or from the top has an abstract image geographic and festive; from the inside, the movement of the steel structure, allows the filtered sunlight to get inside the space, which is the suitable condition for the conduct of sporting events.  
El Equipo Mazzanti’s project took the interior and exterior in a unified way. The outdoor public space and sporting venues are in a continuous space, thanks to a large deck built through extensive stripes out, perpendicular to the direction of the positioning of the main buildings. Each of the four sporting venues operates independently, but in terms of urban space and behave as one large continent built with public open spaces, semi-covered public spaces, and indoor sports.
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