Developed by government backed CaoHeJing Hi-Tech Park, the CaoHeJing Guigu Creative Headquarters is aimed as CaoHeJing’s platform for innovation. The new Centre will support and nurture high-tech firms, connect local and overseas university graduates and enterprises acting as an accelerator for new technology in China.
Countries: CHINA
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Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: SCHMIDT HAMMER LASSEN ARCHITECTS
Completion Date: 2020
The project is the third collaboration between Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and CaoHeJing and is expected to complete in 2020. 
The project sits on the edge of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, a state level economic and technological development zone covering an area of 14.5 south of downtown Shanghai, and home to some 1200 domestic and overseas hi-tech companies. 
The project composing of three volumes split by two external landscaped terraces that contain shared meeting and support functions. The two upper volumes contain divisible incubator studio space while the lower volume contains the main lobby, exhibition and event space and a coffee bar. The volumes are playfully staggered to create a combination of exposed and shaded external spaces that can be utilised at different times of the year in Shanghai’s variable weather conditions. 
By doing this the firm creates a direct connection to exterior green space for the occupants of the building to use throughout the year. 

Photo credits: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.
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