Fabrizio Rossi Prodi received his formal training in Florence, Italy, and is full professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at The Architecture Faculty in Florence, Italy, where he teaches Architectural and Urban Design. He is member of the Teaching Board of the Doctorate in Architectural and Urban Design and of the Master in Theology and Architecture of Churches at the Theological Faculty of Università dell’Italia Centrale. He has promoted and taken part in seminars, conventions, and conferences on the problems of contemporary cities; he has published over sixty essays, and eight books amongst which Costruire-decostruire (1992);Atopia e memoria (1994); Franco Albini (1996); Carattere dell’architettura toscana (2003). In 1994 he received the XX international prize for architecture Leonardo da Vinci. His architectural research principally regards the development of degraded areas, the design of urban spaces and collective organisms. Amongst his works of architecture there are accommodation and medical facilities, university pavilions, a swimming pool, offices, industrial pavilions, bus stations. He has developed urban projects of public spaces and interventions on residences and degraded areas also in historical contexts. He has partaken in international contests, like the contest by invitation for the new headquarters of Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, and was the winner of the contest for a Nursing Home in Faenza, for the enlargement of a Seaside Summer Camp in Pietrasanta, for the redevelopment of the Foro Boario in Grosseto for a civic center and a residential neighbourhood, for the Provincial Administration Palace in Arezzo, for the Zambonini Headquarters Center, for a multifunctional sport structure in Gambassi Terme, for a public park, housing and services in the redevelopment of the area of former juvenile prison in Pesaro, for a library and two departments of the Agriculture Faculty at the campus of Rizzi University in Udine.
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