Plasma Studio is a leading emergent architecture and design practices with worldwide scope and outlook, engaging seamlessly a wide range of scales and types including furniture design, houses, hotels, cultural projects as well as landscape and urban planning. Starting with a range of small but challenging refurbishment projects in London between 1999 and 2002, founding partners Eva Castro and Holger Kehne then completed various new buildings in the Italian Dolomites where they opened a studio location with partner Ulla Hell in 2002. Combining complex geometries with local materials through digital design and fabrication processes, the studio seeks to develop a new local vernacular that engages with the landscape. Between 2003 and 2005 Plasma worked alongside some of the most famous architects and designers on one of the floors of Hotel Puerta America, Madrid. Plasma’s floor was one of the most challenging of the 16 radically different takes and published widely. Recently Plasma has been involved in several large-scale mixed-use projects in China and is currently lead designer for the International Horticultural Expo in Xi’an with 37 ha and 12,000 sqm of projected buildings. The project, which is currently under construction and opens in 2011 to approx 200,000 visitors a day, enables Plasma to develop a holistic and integrated sustainable vision.
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