Sasa Begovic - Marko Dabrovic - Tanja Grozdanic - Silvije Novak - Paula Kukuljica
Cities: ZAGREB
Countries: CROATIA
Sito: www.3lhd.com
Categories: Architecture
3LHD is an architecture studio founded by four partners - Saša Begović (born 1967 in Bjelovar), Marko Dabrović (born 1969 in Dubrovnik), Tanja Grozdanić Begović (born 1968 in Zagreb) and Silvije Novak (born 1971 in Rijeka). 
3LHD was founded in 1994 when three of the four partners were still students on the Architecture faculty in Zagreb, in an atmosphere of Croatia's political and economic transition. The studio was formed on the basis of team work and atmosphere. 
After years of successful business, 3LHD has appointed a new partner in 2016, Paula Kukuljica (born 1976 in Oakville, Kanada). 
All of the partners are graduates from Architectural Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia. 
3LHD partners have been visiting lecturers on institutions all over the world and currently they are teachers on Architectural Faculties, University of Zagreb and Split, Croatia.
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