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Alterstudio Partners was founded in Milan by Giorgio Faccincani, Marco Muscogiuri and Matteo Schubert in 1996. Micaela Bordin becoming an associate in 200. Based in Milan since 1996,the studio works in the design field at different scales: from architectural and interior design to urban design, public spaces and landscaping, applying Community Planning methods and strategies wherever possible. Alterstudio Partners has realised projects for public and private clients and participated in national and international competitions, receiving awards and recommendations, widening its knowledge in particular in the field of public spaces, buildings for culture and housing, also in collaboration with international architectural companies, universities and associations. Alterstudio Partners also develops graphics, communication and displays for cultural and research projects. Some of the most important projects include: The European Toy Museum - MEGG - Museo Europeo del Gioco e del Giocattolo - in Rome (in collaboration with studio Zordan) , the BEIC, new European Library of Information and Culture in Milan (Biblioteca Europea di Informazione e Cultura, in collaboration with Bolles+Wilson), the new libraries in Meda and Melzo (Milano) and Samarate (Varese), and the urban renewal of the centre of Castenaso (Bologna).
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