Countries: AUSTRALIA
Inaugurazione: 2003
Denton Corker Marshall collaborated with the artist Robert Owen on this pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Yarra River, as a public art project in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. 
The brief called for the re-use of the remaining sections of a decommissioned railway bridge. The design comprises two distinct sections: the 145 metre long existing structure and a new curved 80 metre ramped link. The ramp takes up level changes and creates a point of arrival at the south bank. They are joined seamlessly, with an emphasis on volume and containment, within the curved and sinuous form. 
The two parts become a unified sculptural form, suggesting a new connection, or a knot, between the old and new, past and future. As an object, it appears as a delineated structure, sensuous in volume, light and linear. Space seems atmospheric, dynamic and transitional. 
The bridge has not only become a symbol of the Docklands precinct, but of Melbourne itself. 

Photo credits: Denton Corker Marshall
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