Countries: ITALY
Date: 2005
The staging for the Vinar exhibition occupies the striking setting of Stazione Leopolda in Florence. The event is centered on the interaction between enologic culture, art, and architecture. The intention is to recreate atmospheres, smells, and colors of the wine world, between nature and artifice. The staging is arranged in six thematic sections distributed longitudinally through the building. The entrance is dominated by green light and by a huge chandelier, made up of 1,800 bottles, suspended over the bookshop. The tasting area, bounded by a very long wing of industrial wooden pallets, is developed laterally and in parallel with a 100 meter long table fronted by 25 bright vats and 300 oak barrels, against the background of a “tent” made of baguettes of bread, which concludes the path. In the space called “Alcatraz”, above a layer of earth arranged on the floor, a real lawn, covered by a carpet of leaves, where it is possible to see, like in the middle of a forest, Dimitri Kozaris’ video installation on wine and the history of cinema, followed by, at the end of the central nave, Paolo Fiumi’s multisensory installation. This area also hosts “minimal diatribes”, meetings on the theme with architects, artists, journalists and writers. Along the right side of the ex-station Leopolda the walls are used as a projection place for the section called “the author’s cellars”. 
Photo credits: Archea Associati
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