Cities: VERONA
Countries: ITALY
Categories: OFFICES
Inaugurazione: 2016
Following the appraisal and reorganisation of UniCredit’s financial services and administration activities in Verona the bank has relocated its entire workforce into two of the historical storage buildings. It forms part of a major renovation of the Magazzini Generali di Verona that has been designed by architect Mario Botta. The project is also based on introducing the bank’s Smart Working philosophy which seeks to completely transform the way the workspaces and supporting activities are planned and used by over 800 staff. aMDL was selected to design a completely new office landscape that would provide a variety of settings for specific work activities. It is based on an innovative office furniture system whose full height components and integrated technologies create work ‘hives’ that can be open, semi open or closed using acoustic or translucent panels. A central court and linear atrium that connects the two buildings are used for internal and public events. The court includes an open auditorium and overlooking bow windows whose oak wood finishes create a friendly and humanistic spirit that promotes collaboration and interaction.
Photo credits: AMDL
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