Technology Focuses: GLASS | CONCRETE
Aranguen + Gallegos established, working on the Old School of Santo Tomas, established the will to recover the duality of cloister and garden space: the building to complete the programme of Parador and catering School will extend throughout the surface area of the site, with a vast garden underneath that is perforated by multiple and diverse patios. The need to house a large surface area intended for lounges and dining rooms leads architects to consider doubling the present cloister with abother analogous and adjacent one. This cloister set up a sequance of three lounges-dining rooms with two intermediate cloister, that can be used as external rooms extending these dining rooms for a large part of the year. The rooms are developed on two levels: this feature allow perfect control of the sun entering and ventilation of each room level linked to the patio.
1864 Projects