Cities: MOSCOW
Countries: RUSSIA
Categories: RETAIL
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: AMANDA LEVETE ARCHITECTS
The Courtyard is a network of 39 retail-led centres embedded within Moscow’s peripheral communities. Acting as an urban oasis, they are the third place to live between work and home — places to gather, socialise, meet and play. The Courtyard is the creation of an identity that works at different scales, one that comes from memory, community and adaptability. Each has 30% community programme derived from the specific district it serves. An inspired piece of urban planning, The Courtyard sees the 39 sites that used to be Soviet-era cinemas, as a collective. Evoking the legacy and the social, political and cultural heritage of the cinemas, our thinking and design for The Courtyard has created a brand and a narrative that captures and is driven by the memory value of these sites. Photo credits: Amanda Levete Architects.
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