Countries: DENMARK
Designer: 3XN
Inaugurazione: 2013
Inspired by water in endless motion, the new National Aquarium, The Blue Planet, is shaped like a giant whirlpool with the building itself telling the story of what awaits inside. The Blue Planet is located on an elevated headland towards the sea, north of Kastrup Harbor. Located by the seaside the whirlpool shape connects sea and landscape. The building's distinctive shape is clearly visible for travellers arriving by plane at the nearby Copenhagen Airport. The facade is covered with small diamond-shaped aluminum plates, known as shingles, which adapts to the building's organic form. Just as water aluminium reflects the colours and light of the sky and thus the buildings expression varies with the changes in its natural surroundings. Visitors reach the entrance by following the first and longest of the whirlpool’s whirls. With a smooth transition the landscape surpasses for the building, while the outdoor ponds mark the unique experience that awaits the aquarium visitors as they enter The Blue Planet: the whirlpool has pulled them into another world - a world beneath the surface of the sea.
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