Designer: COBE
Danish architects COBE have extended this theatre in Taastrup, Copenhagen, by wrapping it in a curtain of translucent prisms that slope away from the existing building. The new space has a triangular plan that houses an entrance foyer and cafe, and looks out onto a green courtyard to the south of the theatre. The prisms are made up of translucent and clear acrylic and have red lights behind them that illuminate when the theatre is sold out. COBE were initially commissioned to improve the building’s energy consumption but also took the opportunity to improve its functionality and refurbish the interior with the introduction of crystal chandeliers, mirrored tiles and new furniture. The material is very robust and because of its shape it has an exciting effect at day and night time, when the light from inside will glow out to the surroundings. The prisms vary from totally clear and transparent over translucent to opaque. Because of the many elements of irregular shapes and the variance in translucency, the facade is a beautiful play of shadows and reflections. The facade of the theatre includes a number of gates creating connection and access between the foyer and the theatre space. These gates can be opened or closed depending on the arrangement. So the theatre has the possibility to work as one coherent floating space, or separately as a theatre space and a foyer. The theatre’s service functions are upgraded: Restrooms and café are moved from the basement to the first floor, which means that now all non-technical functions are gathered on the ground floor.Bar, box office, and administration are consolidated as a functional block that can now be run by one person. Hereby, the staff flow is optimized so that capacities become available for theatre work.
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