Categories: HOUSING
Technology Focuses: GLASS | BRICK
The desing is organized on these concepts, following the needs of the clients: - arrange the outside through elements built in relation with the exhisting trees. - characterize the house through a single material, the brick. - organize the house in two different, but equal buildings, and separated from the box. The house shape is very simple, is an archetype, perceived like an unique building. Two equal squares with a 9m side, warped, generate the plant, composed by two rotated rhombus. The inclinations work on plant and section, in the space. The box is separated and is beside the board wall, defining the space of the U-shaped entrance court. The two rhombus model a second square court, on two big cedars. The walls and the cover roofs are covered by slim red bricks, fixed by glue with a minimal joint. Two big corner bow-windows are fit in the volume of the house. The floors are made by durmast, walls and ceilings by plaster: the light is soft, the interiors discreet and homogeneus.
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