Södra Länken is a 6 km long road system that links strategic points in southern Stockholm, reducing the through traffic in the city center. With its 4.5 km of tunnels, Södra Länken is Sweden’s longest road tunnel project. The operational buildings and landscaping are situated in an urban environment with varying characteristics. With this in mind, Rotstein Arkiteker developed a special design concept that combines common solutions with locally adapted features. The tunnel openings are geometrically similar, but the materials used are adapted to the individual location and local conditions. With Sickla, a 600 meter long stretch of road near a nature reservation and new housing development, particular attention was paid to environmental considerations. The road is partially sunk below ground level and complemented with glass screens and walls, to reduce noise levels. A 40 meter long bridge covered with plants (ecoduct) reduces the barrier effect and connects the two sides of the road system for people and animals. The operational buildings contain fan rooms, air inlets, transformer stations and staff rooms. The architectonic formation is based on common technical components with customized variations. The project was awarded the Swedish Road Administration’s prize for architecture in 2007.
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