The church has a heptagonal plan and is composed of seven towers added with the lower bodies of chapels that, through their truncated top, also act as skylights.
Cities: TURIN
Countries: ITALY
Inaugurazione: 2006
Inside, the pyramidal roof embraces the wide hall and through the alteration of solids and voids generates a suggestive play of light and shadow in the central space. 
Following the clients' requests, the face of jesus has been reproduced on the absidal wall through the skillful laying of red Verona stone bricks. 
As a reminder of the workers' culture on this area, the smokestack from the former steelworks han been conserved and added with a lightening steel spiral. 
The church connects to the urban surrounding by the lower building running along two sides with offices of the metropolitan curia, apartments, a weekday chapel, a presbytery and various structures for education and recreation as well as an underground conference hall. 

Photo credits: Enrico Cano
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