Countries: GERMANY
Categories: HOUSING
Date: 2002
The whole complex is clearly linked to its position in the urban context of the city and the Alster, an important historical path from the Jungfernstieg, to the harbour. The passage also forms the link between the office complex and the residential buildings along the Alster. The not quite usual form of the ground-plan, based on the existing Alster-quays, has been redrawn on the building on a higher level. The pedestrian fluxes have been guided among the city across generous arcades, always keeping a close contact to the water. The plot of land by the Alsterfleet lies at an historical interface between the old town in the east and the modern city enlargement in the west of Hamburg. A rhythmical structure of the pedestrian area is obtained by organizing the building elements in a crosswise position, in east-west orientation. The free areas between the building elements have been alternatively developed as green landscape areas. The office building in the northern part is articulated with a closed volume at the buildings head and gets framed by equivalent office buildings in the east and the west. The office units are oriented to the side with the harbour and the city so that it is possible for all of them to be exposed with natural light and supplied with fresh air. Due to the active climatic double façade a pleasant and ecological atmosphere is obtained.
Photo credits: Archivio Fuksas, Philippe Rualt
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