Technology Focuses: STEEL | CONCRETE
The Museo Soumaya was conceived as a sculptural building that is unique and contemporary, yet serves to house a collection of international paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects dating from the fourteenth century to the present. From the outside, the building is an amorphous shape that is perceived differently by each visitor, while reflecting the diversity of the collection on the inside. The shell of the building is constructed with steel columns of different diameters, each with its own geometry and shape, offering the visitor a non-linear circulation. There are 20,000 square meters of exhibition space divided among five floors, as well as an auditorium, a cafe, offices, a gift shop, a multipurpose lobby, and storage space. The top floor is the largest space in the museum, and its roof is suspended from a cantilever that allows natural daylight in. The building’s façade is made of hexagonal aluminum modules facilitating its preservation and durability.
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