Cities: MERATE
Countries: ITALY
Date: 2005
The project centres on the adaptation of the old Town Hall of the city, built in the late Nineteenth century, by the addition of a long and narrow wing on the rear, placed orthogonally to the original building. In order to restore the urban status of the aggregate to a level adequate the project provides an adaptation of the distribution of the existing building, to which new public spaces have been added. The complex now vaunts town hall, auditorium, offices and premises for the traffic police. The project features the addition, on the rear of the building, of three narrow and elongated wings. The central axis formed by the entrance leads directly from the square in front of the old building to a T-shaped foyer which communicates with the new functions and activities housed by the aggregate. A large triple-height space which evokes the “public galleries” of the Nineteenth century connects the existing building and the new linear volumes placed perpendicularly to it. The latter appear as semi-transparent shells that conceal and reveal the interiors through the decorative web of the external sunscreens formed by a system of “grates” in cast aluminium, fixed to the load-bearing structure, which protect all glazed parts. 
Photo credits: Archea Associati
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