Technology Focuses: GLASS | CONCRETE
The fashion center Labels Berlin 2 is a concentration of showrooms for international fashion brands including public spaces such an event hall, a restaurant and a lounge at the top floor. The design of the building is based on the adjacent warehouse building Labels 1, whose interior are strongly characterized by the repetition of arched windows used in the façade. The use of two differently cut sine curves generates a specific aesthetic for both the supporting structure and in a modified form with the sine waves for the façade. The result is that the structure and rhythm establish the formative motif for the perception of the new complex and link it to the existing neighborhood. Connected by a heat exchanging device, the whole concrete structure is permeated with water tubes and used as a radiator for heating as well as for cooling. The energy consumption for heating and cooling of the building is reduced by 40% due to this combined technique of activating the building mass and using water from the Spree River.
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