Cities: JESOLO
Countries: ITALY
Inaugurazione: 2015
The Jesolo Lido project was conceived as a landmark beachfront destination on the Adriatic coast of Italy intended to draw guests to its residential and hotel components. The complex is comprised of Jesolo Lido Village, completed in 2007, a three-story residential building set inland at the scale of the adjacent residential fabric, and two buildings set on the ocean front: Jesolo Lido Condominium and Jesolo Lido Hotel. The condominium and hotel have been oriented in order to maintain views of the sea from the depths of the site and from the village. The concept separates the areas into low density (ten stories on beach-front) and high density (low-rise to the rear of the site) presenting the opportunity to create different senses of “place” within the same area. All three projects are tied together along a spine running from north to south acting as a viewing corridor and public access walkway to the beachfront. Jesolo Lido Hotel shares a road and entrance plaza with the condominium and adds a third dimension to the dialogue within the overall development. The design addresses the programmatic requirements: a two story base housing the lobby, wellness facilities, restaurant, with four upper floors floating above the base with 122 rooms of various standards. Each hotel room has a view to the Adriatic. A garden with pools connects to the indoor pool and wellness area. The hotel’s six stories spanning 9000 square meters above ground will house public and private functions of hotel space. 
Photo credits: Walter Luttenberger.
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