The house is conceived as a standard, patio-type house, formed by two wings that ‘frame’ the garden area. The wings are then split into two levels, to allow for insertion of the carport under the living area. By positioning the house almost on the edge of the site, and by lifting the level of the garden, the need for the fence surrounding the very small plot is eliminated. The usual ‘split’ between the living and sleeping areas of the house is reversed, so that the sleeping area occupies the ground level of the house. Structurally it is conceived as a ‘bridge’, spanning over the carport on the ground level. Materially, the whole house is clad in wood vertical larch wood planks cover all the surfaces, including the pitched roof and the terrace sun deck. The only exception are the windows, only four of them in total – very large surfaces that ‘contain’ all opening and ventilation surfaces as well as all fixed glazing parts. Windows are custom-made, in steel structure with flush glazing.
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