Cities: CAIO
Countries: ANGOLA
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: PARK ASSOCIATI
This project for a Business Hotel in the Port of Caio Real Estate development area, combines the image of a functional and efficient structure, with reference to the materials, colors and traditions of Africa and Cabinda. To achieve this scope, the hotel is designed as a "double structure". The lower part is a solid block directly in contact with the land, a reference of the "roots" of the project with African traditions. The upper part is “suspended” above this block, creating one single container for the various rooms and giving a sense of modernity to the entire architecture. Thanks to this compositional scheme, the layout of the functions and the vertical/horizontal circulation system is optimised in every aspect. The structure of the hotel, is designed as an "S-shaped" layout, with the two main fronts running predominantly in a north-south direction, so that the building looks particularly sinuous from the street. The lower part of the buidling acts as a filter with the road leading to the hotel, nevertheless maintaining a high degree of visual permeability, thereby turning the internal garden into a natural system creating a visual continuity between the inside and the outside. All the ground floor structure is covered with a series of large local stone blocks, so that the base of the building has a protective-looking appearance, while it gives also a certain level of privacy to the public spaces of the hotel. When inside the spacious lobby, the guests can see the ample lounges, restaurants and auditorium, all surrounded by a pleasant internal garden. The glass walls used for the internal part of the public areas, ensure that these spaces directly interact with the internal garden, the real ‘green’ heart of the building. The large flat roof protects the outdoor leisure activities, particularly the swimming pool, which is directly connected with the guestrooms, but it is raised from the ground level, thereby making the access to the deck and the pool more intimate and not visible from the street. The hotel rooms are "contained" into a seamless structure, used also to create the guestrooms balconies. A system of vertical shutters made of hollow flat terracotta tiles, in three shades of red, gives a very dynamic effect to the overall construction, depending on the perspectives from which it is viewed. The use of terracotta, wood and local stones reinforces the reference to the traditions of Africa. The use of large glass areas opens the building towards the green areas inside and outside the building, thus creating once again a link with the local nature and the specificity of the site.
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