Cities: BEIRUT
Countries: LEBANON
Designer: LOMBARDINI22
Date: 2014
Since blending skills that distinguishes us on the international market, a project of transformation of a large office building, in a place that has always been among the most active business and cultural centers of the Middle East, Beirut, L22 has developed a project for the new Holcom headquarters. The idea is to create a lasting image for a high-quality company that provides a series of different services and needed a place to bring them all together. The architectural concept is based on a series of layers that start from ground floor entries, first floor warehouses and upper floors for offices. The double-skin façade helps to screen from midday sun and also directs views towards desired vistas. The façade is also integrated with the interior ceiling and partition system creating a completely coordinated package. The building is currently under construction with site visits happening every 2 weeks.
Photo credits: Ieva Saudargaite
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