Framed by a transparent architectural design, Forum Medicum consolidates various study programs and research areas in a new medical research center at Lund University.
Cities: LUND
Countries: SWEDEN
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: HENNING LARSEN
Completion Date: 2019
Forum Medicum is a forum in classical, Roman sense. The open, urban research environment provides the setting for informal and formal learning activities for students, teachers, and guests. 
A distinctive building volume of steel and wood, comprising offices and classrooms, is suspended above the transparent ground floor, which seamlessly merges the inside and outside.  
The selection of materials gives the building a clinical, yet warm atmosphere which translates into the building’s two-dimensional program, professional research and human care. 
The ambitious, sustainable agenda of Forum Medicum will be a generator for future campus development at Lund University. 

Photo credits: Henning Larsen
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