The stadium represents the biggest object inside the sport park Branik, in the heart of Maribor. The supporting iron-concrete arc of a small stand, built in the 60s, embodies the triumph of the engineering architecture of the time. The main guidelines for the reconstruction of the 12.000-seat stadium were determined by the international UEFA regulations. The outside look is defined by the AB ring, which undulates above the countryside with its sides bending towards the side stands, its function being the basic communication, an undulating ramp charging different sectors. Depending on the quality of the view, the ring can be raised or lowered, allowing more or less rows of stands, which makes it possible to gain more seats where the view is the best and vice versa. The new structure does not follow the existing form; the circular ramp, together with the pre-existing part, forms a harmonic unity which undulates above the countryside.
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