Technology Focuses: GLASS | STEEL
According to the wishes of Fiteco Group who was willing to get its head office and local branch only in one area, the new headquarter designed by Colboc Franzen & Associes is a single building in the suburb of Laval completely hatched with a grid of 60 cm. The choice of a compact volume reduces the construction costs, the environmental impact and optimizes the internal organization of working spaces. On the first floor are situated all the common facilities; the local branch settled down on the second level while the head office deals the third and last floor. The hearth of the building is composed of an atrium and two cores of service – staircase, elevators, restrooms. The areas around the fixed facilities are an open working space facing the external suburban site. The air conditioning system running all around each floor at the ceiling along the facade, a uniform position of the power sockets, and the moveable dividing walls give its versatility to the building. The rhythm of envelope is clear and repetitive: only the mirror polished stainless steel sheets and the reflection glass of the outer shell break with the strictness of the interior. The folded skin offers, all year long, the reflection of the surrounding nature and the changing light of the seasons.
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