With a central location in Riyadh's new financial district, and inspiration from the desert's characteristic rock formations, Crystal Towers connects the modern city with the surrounding landscape.
Cities: RIYADH
Categories: OFFICES
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: HENNING LARSEN
Completion Date: 2018
Crystal Towers is the manifestation of the financial district's official center. The towers, reaching to 18 and 26 stories, respectively, hold world-class office facilities and comply with the most ambitious standards within sustainable construction. 
The raised base under the towers ensures free access between the financial district's central square and the green "wadi" that runs through the entire area. 
Together with the city’s many skywalks, the covered passage constitutes an infrastructure that enables pedestrians to walk outdoors in a pleasant, temperate climate. 

Photo credits: Henning Larsen
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