Designer: C+C04STUDIO
Condominio P is a residential building, built in an area undergoing profound urban change where the buildings built between the 1930s and the 1950s were replaced with poor-quality buildings over the last 20 years. The design idea for the new Condominio P building derives from the synthesis of architectonic rigor and the desire for detachment from the anonymous context and from the greyness of this ex-urban area. The partì was the search for the building’s uniqueness and the recognizability of the single unit typology as a summation of individual dwellings houses. The synthesis of this concept generated a design as a metaphorical superimposition of “containers houses”. Color is used as an “anti-grey” tool to display the single units. This is also emphasized through large numbers inscribed on the colored melamine panels. At the same time, these panels are used as a second skin (fixed at 10 cm from the external wall) to protect the building from outside temperature (especially the hot summer temperatures) providing comfort in the interior spaces. The high performance windows and the insulation layers gave the building the highest energy-savings classification ( A class ). The units are thought of as “unicum” with no repetition of the typology. They are separated by large terraces which are subtractions from the main volume. All terraces are at the same level of the apartments forming a continuous floor plane. The building has 7 single-level apartments and 3 duplexes.
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