Categories: MIXED USE
Technology Focuses: STEEL | CONCRETE
The building plot lies on a thin strip of land between the Etang de Thau and the Mediterrean Sea on the northern side of the old town, closet o commercial port and its huge industrial facilities. The project design is based on three blocks of flats set on a ground floor base. The development comprises four distibct parts: 16 council flats in various configurations; 55 private two and three room flats; shops and car park. The basement accommodate the activities and garage, whereas the blocks house the apartments. The six floor block of council flats provides a transition from the existing buildings around it and is therefore located at the centre of the project. The other two eight-floors building are free. These volumes also embody a principle of Mediterranean architecture that allows for a lifestyle adapted to the local climate: outdoor living protected from intense heat. There are balconies running along the façade and a galvanized steel screen protects them during very hot weather and also provides a nice amount of privacy. The buildings become gigantic steel cocoons whose materials remind us of the maritime world.
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