Formwerkz Architects had to design a space sufficient to house the client’s multi-generation family of 11 persons within a fairly small built-up area of 4600 sq ft. The amount of built-up area allowable for the particular site is largely pre-deteremined by the local authorities’ zoning act. In addtion, the client has certain ‘fengshui’ requirements. Two of the key requirements that to some extend shaped the massing and layout of the design are that “no hole be bored into the ground and the house to be under one roof”.The first requirement ruled out the possibilty of a basement and the need for the swimming pool to be raised above grade. The key objective in this project was to create open and permeable living spaces with direct relationships to the surrounding nature, while at the same time, designing for privacy. This concurrent need for privacy and openness is especially crucial for the large family living within. The house is organised around the simple part of a linear block with different functional zones layered from the main landscape zone. The extroverted spaces of living, dining, family room, swimming pool area and master bedroom are organised along the landscape zone while the introverted spaces of other bedrooms and service areas looks to a series of smaller enclosed garden spaces. The strategically placed circulation spine defines the threshold between the extroverted communal spaces and introverted spaces. The curvilinear plane of timber fins, glass and titanium-zinc which envelopes the family room, balcony, master bedroom and attic spaces expand and unites the layered functional spaces at the same time, creating a sense of spaciousness in an otherwise compact layout.
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