The cultural centre ”Buen” is shaped like a green blanket that elevates and integrates the surrounding landscape and contributes to an attractive new part of town that was previously an anonymous industrial area.
Cities: MANDAL
Countries: NORWAY
Designer: 3XN
Inaugurazione: 2012
The glass façade opens up and exposes the lobby to the river bank, allowing ample daylight into the building. 
The architecture adjusts in colour, scale and proportion to the character filled, picturesque wooden houses by the river’s edge. 
By making the culture house an integrated element in the landscape it contributes to an attractive new part of the town which was previously an anonymous industrial area. 
The green and subtle expression is a natural extension of the idyllic landscape surrounding Mandal consisting of the river, forests and islands. 
The water is present everywhere in Mandal. Thus, the building is situated and oriented towards the water, giving the building the full benefit of the light, the water and the south facing location. 

Photo credits: 3XN, Adam Mork
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