Countries: ITALY
Date: 2008
The City Council of Bologna commissioned the construction of a building covering an area of 33.000 sqm to house, at one location, the 1.000 employees of the City, previously distribuited in 21 different places in the city. The building is located behind the train station, where there was a fruit and vegetable market. The project aims to redevelop area and reconnect it to the city center. The design concept is to break a single mass in three blocks intended for varous activities. The blocks of different heights are joined by a shading roof, an entrance hall built on four floors and public space that degrades. The roof has the dual function of protecting from solar radiation and give a sense of architectural cohesion to the whole complex. This large single roof, which is the defining element of the design, it folds like a giant "origami" placed on the various buildings above a panoramic terrace.
Photo credits: Daniele Domenicali
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