Technology Focuses: STEEL | CONCRETE
The purpose of this project was to enhance the general public understanding of modern art and to cultivate young architects. Also, through activities of exchange and cooperation within local communities, the project aims to seek the expansion of tourism and to bring vitality to the local community through a facility that can attract Japanese and international architects. The museum will be comprised of two buildings. With the purpose of harmonizing new and old, one newly-built building and the existing home of Toyo Ito will undergo remodeling. The new building, named 'Steel Hut" will be used for exhibitions and lectures. Externally, the architectural structure will be showcased. Toyo Ito's works and achievements will be introduced here. The exhibition room, lecture space and five independent rooms are to be made available. The plan is for each space to be built with different materials. This was intended in order to allow visitors to be engulfed by a diverse experiential space while moving between the spaces. The other building, named "Silver Hut" will be used as an archive room and for hosting workshops. The concept allows for the rebuilding of the existing structure. Visitors to this place can view Toyo Ito's pictures, sketches, photographs, publications and architectural works. Workshops and seminars are expected to be held in an outdoor space. The two buildings, set apart by 25 years, will be arranged adjacently so that visitors may experience the evolution of Toyo Ito's architectural achievements.
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