Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: MIGLIORE + SERVETTO
The project offers a complete vision of the collection through the construction of a design “landscape” with several views, that can be implemented and changed with time. In the project all the pieces of the collection are visible and allow the visitor to make a cross trip in the world of design. A flexible project designed for a variable density, that can change in time, with the awarding of other prices. A light sign that identifies with a sort of great “archive chest of drawers” the constant and flexible trait that supports and narrates. Conceived according to the principles of a permanent and not temporary exhibition, the project is contaminated by a series of multimodal tools to offer a variety of reading plans, of narration and paths, inside memorable and impressive different perspectives. In the central part a 25 metres-long table, divided in 4 segments, underlines with the strength of a sign the longitudinal pace of the aisle and defines an important narrative place to acquire and share information and knowledge. Didactics and experimentation can here be conceived as active parts of the exhibition system and find around these tables meeting and sharing moments both for groups and individual moments of research. Along the balcony, that surrounds the industrial evidence of the electric machinery of the ancient plant, you can look out into the warehouse space, using a series of technological periscopes that create a connection with this area: advanced tools, able to show, but also to tell in a multimedia language the richness of the materials in stock encouraging the visitors in their discovery path.
Photo credits: Ico Migliore, Mara Servetto, Italo Lupi
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