The site of action, approximately 2,967 m2, is part of an urban context through the recently redesigned Detailed Plan of Antas. The spatial and architectural design of the building of the new Education Center Antas were formalized in several bodies each containing part of the program in accordance with principles of internal organization, functionality, form and image, given the type of building and its specificity. This conception takes into account the morphology of the terrain, solar orientation, access and links to surrounding bodies. It always takes account to the relationship established between spaces, between exterior and interior and between interior spaces. It was intended to create in the spaces between the various bodies the visual relationship between interior and exterior reducing relations with the urban surroundings. There was an intention to turn into how the building relates to the exterior. However there are some links to the outside also. The settlement found answers to a matrix that structuralize a functional organization of the school as a function of the planned program and constraint imposed by various land levels.
1864 Projects