Vector Architects was founded in 2008, Beijing. During seven years practice, we have always believed that design needs to confront problems, and it should be the attitude an architect ought to possess. Instead of enforcing architect's self-conscious or following icons and superficial forms, a good design has to respect the existing environment with support of logic and reasons. The contemporary Chinese design industry today is rather blundering that the rapid production and pursuit of landmark in height, size and form have become the main stream. Architects no longer devote their effort for the fundamental and substantial truth of architecture. In this environment, the persistence of confronting problems remains essential and crucial. With this attitude, the relationship between architecture and living, place and perception, and tectonic in architecture become our core directions in architecture design. The relationship between architecture and living is the fundamental subject of architecture. Every architecture is a vessel for living that defines user's everyday life to different extent, consciously or sub-consciously. The definition established upon lifestyles, cultural conditions, site content, local climate and etc; and this is where the new lifestyle starts to evolve from. The new lifestyle, instead of being the repetition of the existing conditions, should be an unprecedented life experience created through design. This is the meaning of new architecture. In regards of relationship between place and perception, we believe that every architecture is ought to be the unique object of specific site context. In other words, it becomes meaningless when it is out of its exclusive site. In every project, Vector Architects is devoted to discover the unrevealing relationship and various possibilities in existing context. Through our design, to create the new perception and experience which are exclusive to each project. The sense of ‘being here’ is uniquely established and reflected in percipient's emotion and action. Therefore, the space, being the vessel of living, has formed an irreplaceable connection between place and perception. The tectonic of architecture is to establish order and logic that speak for the design concept comprehensively. Also, to further ensure the concept is carried thoroughly during construction process. A good architecture is like a tree that has a clear structure which elements are the details like branches and leaves, supported by the root of core concept. Just like the system of the tree, the architecture tectonic and concept are inter-connected and consistent.
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